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McKinney texts Wendy mister
and we’re going to take a look at his new JHS signature artists pedal dat
we’re gonna hear the story about how it came to be really good feature set and
best of all we’re gonna get to hear any play it so a few years ago Brian here to
get our sanctuary contacted us and said that and he came through and picked up
one of our angry charlie’s that’s where this whole story starts but any can you
tell us that day
absolutely the the beauty of this job is that it’s about 10 minutes from my house
it’s one of the greatest a problem it’s a it’s a blessing and a curse for sure I
get it I get a lot of trouble but no it’s it’s it’s awesome as they do carry
a lot of boutique really high-quality not only just guitars and gear but the
accessories to a lot of lot of battles and there’s just for me there’s so much
stuff out there I can’t possibly try everything so it’s important to me to
have a filter and I go on recommendations of friends I found a lot
of petals over the years to somebody telling me hey check this out
somebody’s opinion that I respect and George for being my long time friend
here they had to get our show brian meter that they’re always trying things
and they only need to check this out and so I heard about jay says powell’s cause
I’d seen lots of the panels here and a call and I think was Brian initially
need trailer thing which charlie it’s a really cool gain panel grad and I’ve
been looking I’ve been looking for a pedal that I can use just on the clean
channel the AM something that I can rely on for the complete distortion sound
like you know my my lone stars I’ve been using for ever loved the lead channel
now hit the front of the amp tube screamer something but it’s also nice to
have something where they are getting all the gain from the pedal is it feels
it feels different and I was kind of the time I got on the resolution record a
few records back peddling immediately loved it and so
was on the panel were pretty quickly so I guess it and I was using that quite a
bit I just lost our channel leach analyst Charlie just for the 22
different flavors and I’m still doing that so I was a couple years ago and you
have integrated their right and you’re winning right and right away again just
really enjoying I enjoyed the immediate articulation I get home I just the feel
of it for me is just one of my favorite Lee tones I’ve ever had and it’s helping
me play in a way that I’m really really enjoyed so I guess it within that you
know after that initial period of really really digging and then we do we got in
contact us or what else can we do maybe you can modify some things and so those
that are more watches out there will know that I had a modded version of
Angry Charley Pride maybe like last year about almost two years so this last yeah
that’s when we that’s only talk to us when we first met face to face right and
you do this brilliant has like three three modes of different kinda had rooms
you know I have I have a particular favorite but there are three very
musically in your in your and your your description of a decon like different
wattages 100 150 phyllis was kind of impression it changes the Bible bit but
I’m the kind of guy I usually kind of find a setting it and stick to it and
we’ll talk about will get real specific with how I’m using it and all that but
really excited about this pedal because you know not always can I have my lone
start with me though I did I try to travel with everywhere I go to last name
so I had a situation where they didn’t have a Mason the backline that when I
took I took my modded you know charlie and it was just perfect time I had
disclosed to myself as I can get with not having my
this so-called here so I really enjoyed being able to have that interested in a
box reckon goin just plug and play
yeah so that’s that’s the basic story
you know you’re a guy known for a distortion you still love it when you
look for a dirt box what what really attracted you to the inner Charlie now
the eighty
it’s it’s it’s always about having enough games to really try to get the
guitar to sing but with the store she obviously the thing that I’m struggling
with is the inherent kind of harshness in the top in that can happen with the
more gain
busy buzzy in a guess as my ears mature for my taste in guitar tones I’m trying
to get less and less of that you need a certain amount obviously 24 articulation
but that’s the thing I loved about my initial attractive Lone Star was that
they would delete channel was very warm and I wasn’t having trouble all the way
off and when I look at the same kind of thing with the game box in that I wanna
have that game that allows me to cease to sustain and singles there’s a certain
way but I bet you buzzy and I find that the presence and treble controls on here
really helped me shape the tone to its really musical for me that’s very very
well I tell you what let’s play a riff on each of the three settings like the
ride is so right now you’re in like the 51 mode and I’ll point out here to you
guys watching Andy really drives these mesas and they take it really well I’m
some situations and and might not like that but you’re like 80% off him hitting
the Mesa which I looked down and saw this when he set up today and I was like
wow if I did that back home
well i mean again and again we’ve always loved stars they handle pedal so that’s
an amazing point yes and you’re kind of it on your just kind of where you live
do Dr Kenneth 75% yep your volume is 75 80% so this is like the 50 most listened
to each of the three
so we’re not playing not playing that loud here but even at this volume
getting some nice overtones yeah things can even probably start feedback of our
getting in the right but it’s that’s real cover for me and you can get that
sound at a low volume or obviously the latter you get is gonna even behind ya
so let’s look at like the hundred this would be the most open and unique in my
opinion unique mode to the panel versus the angry Charlie and the way you have
it set you’re hitting your amp so hard sitting right here I can notice the back
home it’s really noticeable on different rigged so lot of you guys will notice a
big difference here I’m wondering
there is already loud it is is that allowed him to touch as the text
again if I wasn’t in the AMPAS hard as I am probably even but I do notice even
even a bit more articulation why I was enjoying the fifty why was it compresses
just a little bit yeah it’s a little bit of nice just kind of a cushion the plane
this middle like 200 will be pretty much all the compressions in the end in
that sounds great and then this would be like what we’d say 25 10 / carrier
different as well you’d have to say
so a little something
including you have to make adjustments and you’re in your settings to to
accommodate the different day different had rooms but that’s all very musical
and very very useful great demonstration of how that why did switch fuels with
your amps and every I’m gonna be a little different
so Andy it’s been a real privilege for us adjust to first of all have you
charlie and then really be passionate enough to put it in your rigs have a
spot if I do the signature thing in really good well it’s it’s an honor for
me to just that you know I’m a finding a panel that I love so much and then you
guys taking it even up another notch the modern version that I got from you loved
more than an original panel so now we have it here and it’s always been really
important to me if I’m going to put my name on something anything I’m gonna be
associated with I wanted to be natural and authentic needs to be you know
exactly what I’m using you know when to this with us and we first it might we
coulda made cheaper guitars but I wanted it to be exactly what I’m using because
of that situation and growing up you know you read the guitar magazines you
see an ad with a guy with a piece of gear that you know like and that the
left and left a thing with me that to this day and it just has to be honest
basically it has to be real and it’s a lot of it has to do with actual gotta
love the gear but I think kind of resonate with the the company that
people as well so I appreciate your passion for what you do is it spills
over into all the palace you guys are making really enjoyed and and and the
time it took to to make this a really really great part of my regs I think I
can’t wait for all the players to check it out so good likewise it’s been an
honor so all of you that watch this video we really appreciate it I want you
to go visit guitar.com Andy Timmons dot com check all this stuff out the store’s
amazing and he’s amazing it’s been a real honor to be associated with with
both and we’re excited to get this paddle out
each eighty Powell has a slice of luck we captured his show and South America
there’s one drip of this




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